Birdcage in All it’s Forms!



I’m happy to announce that Birdcage is now finally available in all it’s variants! Starting life as a background to be used for the Budgie fabric, the drawings of birdcages that I’d produced seemed strong enough to stand on their own. While looking through 18th and 19th Century chinoiserie, I was inspired to make a more dense, one colour wallpaper that functioned more traditionally than my usual multi-colour, illustrative fare.


Birdcage 01 on the print table.


Fabric came first, and after it’s reception I resolved to make wallpaper too! It is flexographically printed, like our other papers to date, and the design was tweaked and a few other birdcages added here and there to suit! When colouring up, I chose some colours from elsewhere in the range, and a new Navy colour, referencing the colours found in 18th Century papers and blue and white ceramics – we will be introducing more special colour-ways in the future to elaborate on this more traditional feel; I think there’s a nice contrast between that tradition and the sketchy quality of the painting. I’m very pleased with the results, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

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